Oestrogel (estradiol-17β) dosing information

Note: this is a summary of the important points to note about the use of Oestrogel. Please read the Patient Information Leaflet for the full instructions and precautions.

Oestrogel may be applied once a day either in the morning or the evening onto clean and dry skin, but it is preferable to apply it at approximately the same time each day.

The gel should be spread over a large are of skin on each shoulder, outer arm, or inner thigh (see picture). After applying Oestrogel, wash your hands, and let the area dry for 5 minutes before getting dressed.

Oestrogel dosing schedule

Oestrogel should be administered once daily for the relief of vasomotor symptoms.

Your doctor will advise you how many metered doses or pump actuations of the Pump-Pack you should apply. The usual starting dose is two metered doses (two pump actuations of the canister), however up to four metered doses may be prescribed. If you have been prescribed two metered doses a day, your Pump-Pack will last approximately 4 weeks; if you have been prescribed four metered doses a day, your Pump-Pack will last 2 weeks.

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